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@bgtlover @devinprater If you want a friendly Linxu community, go over to OpenSUSE; no question is too stupid for them. I've even asked basic questions about Linux in general and have received very helpful and polite responses.

Yet, they probably are still on the list. Because why not? That's how Linux and Foss-bros are. They don't have to care. They're busy, doing "real" work. They can be as much of an asshole as they want because they have "real" work to do, and don't have time for stupid, disabled, whiny women. No wonder Linux hasn't gone as far as it could have. As long as men sit there and think what they say won't come back to devour them in the future, it won't because no one wants to deal with that.

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Another thing I noticed about that Debian-users thread where a blind woman asked for help, and got beat down for top-posting was someone who called her obnoxious and such, and then said something like "but this is probably against group rules so I'll stop here." This kind of almost passive-aggressive crap is something I hate about "conservative" type people. They'll post what they think no matter what, but they *know* it's rude and doesn't help anything.

The new MAGA dating app THE RIGHT STUFF is failing due to lack of women..

Well of course.

Periodical reminder that the concept of a "personal carbon footprint" was literally a marketing campaign by British Petroleum

I hate these posts like "tech secretly gets such and such feature". Like just stop using "secret". It's honestly boring now. It's not so much a secret as it is under-reported. I mean it makes me not even want to read the article because it's probably "secretly" stupid.

Random techbro bitching 

The creator of an award winning game is poor and unfunded, but recreate HTML 3 and make it worse, and you get sponsors

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Since I mentioned setting up Jekyll on Windows 10, I figured I would also do a quick write-up on installing Jekyll on a "fresh" Linux system:

"Setup Jekyll from Scratch on a New Linux System"

#jekyll #linux

my 88 yr old grandfather has covid, learned today. haven't been able to see him in years because of the FUCKING PANDEMIC which is NOT ACTUALLY OVER god damn it fucking fuck

This is nonsense. All of your infrastructure runs on open source code. ("Your", in every sense from the most general to literally you reading this.) Security by obscurity is not effective. Let's please not do this 1990s scaremongering all over again.
RT @AgentDeli
I see a TON of people asking WHY SOURCE CODE MATTERS. Here are some repercussions that are very serious for something arguable so “benign”. Read this and you’ll learn how d…

I think a lot about how white fatalism permeates tech, expressed as 'the crunch,' which describes the torturous conclusion of a software project to get it over the finish line. As if suffering increases the quality of the product and should be looked at as a badge of honor.

In reality, the best work is produced when one has their needs met and has space to have a life away from work.

I think a lot about how much we've accepted suffering as a necessary part of our existence instead of something we could alleviate with a bit of cooperation.

Audiogame Manager 

Storm Dragon pushed changes to the master branch of the audiogame-manager.git project:
Merge branch 'testing'

Thinking about so-called "cistrenders" and how they use social pressure to spread gender assignments and norms. Really it's a social contagion. My nibling just started kindergarten, and my sister told me he came home with sex-ed materials that manipulate kids into the cis lifestyle. Kids are too young to learn about having sex.

@devinprater i have like 3 long winded ways to say "goddamn allocishet abled tech workers on their bullshit as usual"

From the Debian user list: "Please don't "top post" this make it un-easy to follow for others.." I would say the exact opposite: "Please don't 'bottom-post', it makes it hard for others to follow." Sighted people sometimes.

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