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It's called IEEE because it's the sound you make when you need a paper behind the paywall.

@dean @spla @aral @codeberg I'm not sure if you've tried to migrate a repo with 20K+ issues/PRs (and all the comments/other metadata that comes with it) from github, but their ratelimits are extremely low. So we are making progress towards migrating away, but we don't want to lose any information in the move. We are in fact using gitea every day, and have moved all but the main repo to


You know, I think I figured out why him calling me an instructor here at work messed with me so much. It just continually reminds me of how I'm at the very bottom of the food chain here. There is no one that's really working with me with my students. When a screen reader user needs help with something, it's me that almost always works with them. I'm the only blind assistant in this room. This reminds me of why I'm learning JavaScript, to get out of this crap.

i love that we're taking academic anti-bias training into the workplace but i'm pretty sure that i have a trauma response to the phrase "what's said here stays here, what's learned here leaves here"

there's nothing wrong with it as a concept but I see it in a lot of curricula as a community norm for discussion rooms and i just wish we could pick a different way to express that

a lot of these curricula also have issues with what i'd call "classroom control" for lack of a better term - getting people to talk is hard, and there's no built-in mechanism to prevent loud people (either people who talk over others, or who feel the need to speak up) from dominating

Hey everyone, we’ve been playing around with markdown formatting and lightbox images in the GoToSocial laboratories this week.

Behold, the fruit of our labors! Below is an extract about sloths, formatted as a block quote thanks to the new Markdown functionality:

Sloths are so named because of their very low metabolism and deliberate movements. Sloth, related to slow, literally means “laziness,” and their common names in several other languages (e.g. French paresseux) also mean “lazy” or similar. Their slowness permits their low-energy diet of leaves and avoids detection by predatory hawks and cats that hunt by sight.

Wikipedia article about sloths

There are a couple pictures of sloths attached to this post as well.

If you’re reading this post from vanilla/non-Glitchsoc Mastodon, you won’t be able to see all the nice formatting, so please open this post in the browser to get the full effect :) And don’t forget to tap the images to check out the lightbox photo viewer!

So in case you’re wondering (like I was) why @gitea is not hosted on Gitea but still at GitHub, it’s apparently because they’re locked in by GitHub who are drip feeding them their data with extremely low rate limits.

This is an outrage.

A trillion-dollar company (Microsoft) is holding a free and open source competitor’s repository hostage on their systems.

Who do we pressure at GitHub to provide Gitea with all their data ASAP?


#GitHubGate #Gitea #dataPortability #lockIn

The number of people who call me an "instructor" here when they introduce me is kinda crazy. Like, what the crap. I'm a Technical Assistant, making $15 an hour. I'm not an instructor, and it kinda gets on my nerves that people like to do this. Like I get it makes me look good, and it's pretty much what I do already, but it don't give me a pay raise.

I see a lot of people complaining about how "RSS readers went away." It's a bit baffling, because they didn't. You just stopped using them 🤷

The network filesystem is restored and Gitea is back up without data loss.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We might have found an unrelated issue with our CI (closed beta), but we'll focus on monitoring the production network.

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I just literally got stuck in the #Windows11 install wizard because they do not expect network drivers to be missing anymore.

There was no way to tell him where they were - in fact they were right in the .iso that was mounted as SATA DVD drive. But in Microsofts infinite wisdom they removed the option to install #Windows without network AND removed the option to install the necessary drivers. So it will simply... stop doing anything. No button even worked anymore.

Absolute garbage.

ahah remember when microsoft totally didn't try to make secure boot mandatory and that there definitely aren't still devices out there from that era that can only run windows

i am sure there's no way they're now trying to do the same thing but more slowly and carefully

#Microsoft is showing #ads for Microsoft 365 in #Office 2021

Pay for a product but still get tracked, see ads or get telemetry. Welcome to Microsoft.

There are also plans to put ads in MS Edge.

You can unenroll from Android 13 Beta without wiping after stable update, QPR1 preview in Sept.


This weekend, I watched a hacker jailbreak a John Deere tractor live on stage: Total pwnage, with a a side of copyfraud.


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@devinprater The solution was to hold down the volume down and power button, until a short vibration. This is basically an Android tablet, running Android 8 that starts up the Keysoft program when the device starts, and Keysoft becomes the user interface. I guess it's like the Launcher. Anyway, kinda frustrating when manufacturers don't put reset info and such in their guides.

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Thread: So I got out the Braille Note Touch Plus, wanting to update it and look at the new features. It was dead, naturally, after months of not being used. So I plugged it up. It has a USB C plug, and so I tried 3 different options to charge it. Basically, it gets enough power to show that it's charging, but that drains all the power it has, so it just loops. I looked at the user guide, and it had nothing about this. I asked the community of users, and one had a solution.

@Paravellex (Image description: a photo captioned "Cockatoo removes anti-nesting spikes and throws them away". The photo is a picture of a cockatoo doing exactly that.)

Starting a band called Main Page. We will quickly become popular, since Wikipedia will have no choice but to include a disambiguation link to us at the top of its own homepage.

There's now a program created by blind people to view Wikipedia from the desktop. I mean y'all see all these projects, like this and the NVDA addons community? They *could* be making stuff for Linux. Instead, they're making stuff for Windows because they practically don't have a choice.

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