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Horan's latest analysis lays bare the latest bag of accounting tricks deployed by the company, summed up in a single line: "Uber has completely abandoned its original, failed corporate strategy, and has reverted to a lousier version of what traditional taxis had been doing for years."


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Riders who face spiraling prices will drive their own cars, or take a bus, or take a cab, or take a Lyft. Drivers who face spiraling wage-cuts will drive a cab, or take a job elsewhere, or switch to Lyft. Uber is a bezzle, and every bezzle ends.



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So I had a sleep study done a few days ago, and I have sleep apnia. So yeah that explains why I have so little energy, and feel like my students should be Googling things instead of asking me every little question they have. Or I'm burnt out as well, probably. So tired and done with everything. But it's Friday at least. Tomorrow is Saturday, next day is Sunday, and then we start all over again with the same bullcrap.

*an american parent, seeing an NES* finally. a V.C.R. ... with a gun. this will allow me to teach my Son to hunt

*a british parent, seeing an NES* we've already got a video. we dont need another video! we're paying out the nose every month for one video as it is!! and this one plays completely different tapes

Oh no some of #gitlab's own dependencies have a 1 year gap in their commit history

The first I found is seed-fu.

Don't worry gitlab, the project is hosted on github, so you won't nuke your own dep. lol

in light of the recent #GitLab controversy, maybe consider supporting the Software Heritage ( organization...

chronic illness 

The first thing you're warned about by others when you develop a chronic or long-term illness is that people will forget you.

They don't mean to. We call them social cues for a reason. People often need a hook to get to thinking about someone, an excuse to contact them. We can all kinda keep up with injuries or acute illness because there are known dates and timeframes involved. Here's when to send flowers, here's when to drop off food. When you ask how they're recovering, you expect some sort of motion.

When you're sick on a more long-term basis, I guess you stop reaching out because you run out of things to talk about... "that fresh pillowcase sure was nice," "I liked today's third random movie better than the fourth." It's difficult to make new friends or sweet-talk existing ones into new, easier forms of communication without the energy to connect over a shared interest or ability to sustain a real-time conversation. You want company and friends, but it's hard to get people to engage open-endedly and asynchronously. They'll think you are tired and want to be left alone. But what you'll want is comfort and certainty in your connections.

Anyway I have no real point; it's just sad and it's universal. And a lot of people with chronic illnesses are still on full lockdown and lonely or have newly become ill without the benefit of the social support they'd ordinarily have to adjust to drastic changes in lifestyle or ability.

If you are lucky enough to be healthy and want to do something really awesome for someone who isn't, put someone you care about who you know is ill in your calendar and reach out consistently. Send them regular little notes about what is new with you, send uber eats to their door with breakfast on weekends, suggest something for their reading list or just send them some books if they're able to read comfortably, ask if you can pick up anything for a hobby they can still enjoy while you're out, send them a copy of the photos you take that are fun or pretty that you're not putting up anywhere.

Anything. Just... make it recurring. Each text or DM or "I saw this and thought of you" is a treasure.

I hate that I put so much friendship into people that don't give it back. Like what the crap am I doing trying to talk to these people. No one on here, just some people in the blind community.

Most currencies are gaining on the USD

We're about to hit the Yeild Inversion Curve

$312 billion was added to consumer Credit Card Debt

The Federal Reserve Interest rate is 2.5%

And Stocks have been negative for 2 quarters

You thought the Great Recession was bad? You better buckle up, because this one's not going to fare well. In the complete absence of any Economic Support Superstructure in place.

And when they bail out the CEO's

You better meet them with pitchforks.

paypal is all like 

congratulations! you've been sent $20.00

here's your $19.51!

would you like to transfer your paypal balance of $18.22 to your bank?

$16.89 transferred to bank account

enjoy your $15.54!

A forum about browser privacy that has third-party scripts on their signup page and bans you if they're not blocked

Have you ever heard of OneDev?

Think about GitLab, but smaller, simpler, lighter, with GUI and CI/CD all fits in a Docker container.

This can be an alternative to #Gitea for programmers who #GiveupGithub. Please boost if you are a programmer.

Further readings:


Source code:

#GitLab #GitHub #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Education

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btw when i call zedge adware i mean that in the sense that they're not technically adware but they're trying really hard to be

To the makers of this web site whose text is cut off at the right hand edge, even when I expand my browser's size to the full width of my screen:
precisely how big a monitor were you expecting me to have?

@passthejoe I’ve just deployed a new website built with Bridgetown. I like it!

remember that cloudflare is a nightmare, and that using their services will get you hacked, as well as allow them to control the traffic you see. here's one of their more recent screwups to be disclosed, where they only did client side checks for their new e-mail routing service, so anyone could just route anyone else's domain on the service to their own e-mail accounts.

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