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Love this from Meredith Farkas: "An organization that embraces universal design would be focused on figuring out how to help you do your best work rather than making you feel bad or demanding for having needs that aren’t met by the current set-up."

@devinprater Um yeah i mean version 2022.1, it's been released for like 10 years.

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NVDA (foss screen reader for Windows) is almost released, with RC version. New stuff in this version:

job opportunity, UK-based, for autistic folks 

Anyone who spends a lot of time educating folks about what it's like to be #ActuallyAutistic: fancy being paid (quite well actually) for it?

Closing date is 15th May, salary from £37k

Matthew L. Reznicek (drreznicek on Twitter): "My therapist and I spent at least half our session talking about the need to shift away from “burn out” to “moral injury.” Your exhaustion isn’t a failure of your capacity, but a structural failure to support your capacity"

@casmithva @devinprater I wander what you think of the @gnome #libadwaita icons released in #Gnome42
The #contrast is 1.08 against a white background.

Here is a link to the issue

So um, I installed the dev version of the Calibre NVDA addon, and since when is NVDA able to read ... somewhat, the book view? It reads by paragraph, or by page if you use page-up or page-down, but it reads. Pretty nice!

Bitwarden's One time Passcode thing is really nice. It's much better than using a phone and then having to pull out the phone, read the code on the phone, and type that on a computer.

python programming 

choking back tears as hypothesis dumps a page of errors on me telling me something's None somewhere

Gaining employment is a real struggle, with complex job descriptions, application forms and interviews all being barriers to many #ActuallyAutistic people

Disclosure (whether to do so and when) creates a dilemma

Reasonable adjustments are an extra difficulty

Autistic people are generally paid around 33% (?) less than allistic counterparts


A friend just asked what #mecfs feels like, so I said:
how do you feel when you have the flu but you have to go to the supermarket or something so you push trough? it's like that. every day for 10 years now


Wow. I was looking through the creddit card statement for last month, and even though I order out only once a week, on the weekend, ordering for like 3 to 5 people, I gave them a good $400. Yeah no more Jackrabbit. I'll leave that to the rich folks and just use Doordash. Or even better, spend money at Walmart and learn to cook. Damn stuff is expensive these days!

If anyone wants to add me on Discord, my username there is


@devinprater like anything in the browser, it's a much lower barrier to entry not having to download/install anything. Ideally software supports both methods though.

The thing I'm working on builds on top of git, so you can use any local tools and push from there, or use a simpler web editor to change/preview the same code

Honestly I want to know: why would anyone want to write a blog post in the browser? Like there's no good spelling/grammar checker, no text linting, no suggestions for better sentence structure, nothing like that. So why do these blogging platforms, foss and otherwise, use that? I want to write in Markdown or Org mode or Asciidoc and then push that to the place I'm writing for. That way, I can write in a real text editor, work with text with good tools, all that.

Being human is such a burden, and reading a lot of tf content really makes me wish I could cast it off.

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python windows hell 

there's just one problem: what happens when your program stops?

so once my program is done it just closes immediately. not very useful for stuff that's intended to have the user read it, no?

whatever, it's fine. we can fix this by adding a wait at the end of the program. though... then everyone would have to wait. i want to only wait if a console has been started to run this program

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Hi! Given the influx of new users, I figured this is the right time to post about this!

I’m not a millionaire, I’m not a CEO. I’m just a guy in my 20s who runs a Pokémon Mastodon server for fun, experience and my love of online communities.

I’m not in for the money and have no plans to monetize donphan in any way shape or form. This is a passion project, and I’m giving some of my own time and money every month to keep it running. I do everything my myself, from customizing the Mastodon software, to running the server, to moderation and community management.

If you think like me that having these kinds of online social spaces that are not owned and run by corporations and billionaires, then you should consider, if within your means, supporting your instance admin so they can keep it up for as long as possible.

If you’re on d.s, that means me! Here’s my Patreon:

python windows hell 

so my python code currently outputs a zipapp- a zip you can run with python. pretty cool, works on linux and windows if you have python installed.

so on linux this works fine: /usr/bin/env python3 runs the zip. all is well

but what about windows? well it runs a program named py.exe that implements PEP 397 or something. it launches the real python.exe as a subprocess and runs your code, printing text to your terminal

all is good so far

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