@Natsura Don't worry, we'll all name our children Natsumi and you'll never be alone again. :)

Hey y'all, I'm running pretty low on food, and next week I won't be able to get food from the cafeteria as they're starting work on the roof. I've been trying to conserve as much money as possible, but rent was just taken out and of course a $36 overdraft fee. So, if anyone has any money to keep this blind person fed, I would be grateful. Thank you all so much for being here for me.
Cash app: $devinprater
Paypal: d.prater@me.com

@derwinmcgeary @jollyrogue This is a serious question. I wrote a pretty simple script that grabs the lunch menu from the work cafeteria from a web page that we host, and shows it to students. Is there a better way?

I'm not saying it is necessarily a *good* thing but I really see the future of development workflows being "in the cloud".

Things like Gitpod, Codespaces etc. really do make things easier for entry-level developers. Personal devices (laptops / workstations) could eventually run the bare minimum:

* Storage
* Memory
* Processor

Plenty of people will still prefer running/storing everything locally - but I truly believe a lot of people will move in this direction.

Audiogame Manager 

Storm Dragon pushed changes to the master branch of the audiogame-manager.git project: https://gitlab.com/stormdragon2976/audiogame-manager
Merge branch 'testing' forgot to make a change to an installation file
before last merge.

Full Federal legalization will be cool but there are gonna be a lot of people getting out of prison (rightfully) that are gonna need help

On Mastodon, there are two ways of labelling posts: Favourites and Bookmarks.

Here's a quick comparison...

You can add a Favourite by clicking the star ⭐ below a post.

Favourites are pretty much just likes, and the person who wrote the post will get a notification when you add a favourite. Other people who can see the post will also be able to see who favourited it.

You can see all your past favourites by logging in through the website and clicking "Favourites".

You can add a Bookmark by clicking the bookmark 🔖 below a post, or if it isn't visible click ⋯ and then select "Bookmark".

Bookmarks are much more private, only you can see which posts you've bookmarked. No one gets any notifications when you add a bookmark.

You can see all your past Bookmarks by logging in through the website and clicking "Bookmarks".

Note that the official Mastodon app doesn't have bookmark support yet. You will have to use the website or a third party app.

#Mastodon #Favourites #Bookmarks

Also Google *image* search finds Github issues now and... generates images for them? These images do not appear on the linked issue pages, they are literally autogenerated screenshots of the headers from issue pages.

Someone (unsure if Github or Google) sat down one day and actually wrote code to do this.


I was going to add an image of someone whispering in Biden's ear to tell him the asshole was him, but all the results are conspiracy theories about a fake ear during debates and photos of him creepily smelling young women's hair, so I'm skipping it.

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"The 1994 Crime Law dramatically increased the rate of Americans (the majority of them Black) jailed for marijuana. Today I'm starting the process of undoing the great injustice caused by whomever created that law. My first step is to find out who that asshole was."

Our #Mastodon host is closing. Thanks to @ashfurrow for hosting our profile in the past years, and all the best for the future. We can well understand the burden, there are also hard times with multiple people in the team, but it's much more manageable.

We are looking for your recommendations for a new home – Where do you want to see #Codeberg in the future?

@derwinmcgeary How would you get data that's going to change from week to week though, that needs to be on a webpage already?

Hard drug musing 

@juliana And sugar. Sugar is even more addictive than heroin.

Hard drug musing 

Man, imagine if society normalized other drugs the way it has caffeine.

There are heroin shops on every corner with signs that that say things like, "My blood type is OPIATED!"

I’ve updated my “Share on Mastodon” plugin; it now automatically adds Mastodon as a Micropub syndication target. No weird `functions.php` or other hacks required. How cool is that?

I have decided I prefer word-waterfall to word-vomit.

Yes, the amount of words coming out of me can be overpowering, overwhelming, in massive excess, etc.

But it is NOT associated with sickness/disgusting stuff/etc like vomit. It's just words. Lots of them.

The new Design, Digested is about the accessibility of Netflix's subtitles, racist tech, small businesses in Tokyo and more.

#Accessibility #Racism


I saw something funny in a dream last night and took some photos on my phone but I can’t find them now that I’m awake. They should make a camera that fixes that problem

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