@netkitty sorry, my communication skills break down the closer I get to a cat

does anyone have a job for someone with some programming and sysadmin knowledge but without any professional/serious experience

@Mehrad @MichaelTunnell @mattdm @Jill_linuxgirl Also I'm just starting listening to that episode of DLN. Thank goodness for Pocket cast.

@Mehrad @MichaelTunnell @mattdm @Jill_linuxgirl I did get in contact with the Fedora project manager, and he has put me in contact with someone that works on the diversity team there so hopefully things will improve.

Thank you @MichaelTunnell for remembering to discuss this in the episode 278 when discussing the new #Fedora release with @mattdm . I kinda agree that there should be an organization and funding entity to push this harder, but I think Fedora **is** in the position to push Gnome people to allocate more man-hour to Orca. At the moment Joanmarie Diggs is the only dev who kindly and actively working on this with average commit/day: 1.1



Study of 3,500 knowledge workers whose job can be done remotely finds that employees with more flexibility (location, schedule & work) felt more connected to their org's culture.

In the ‘80s, there were Lisp machines — computers specifically designed to run Lisp. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisp_mac

How long do you think it’ll be before we see a JavaScript machine?

Every time I get the itch to learn Ruby, all I have to do is look at this.


I mean look at that guessing game! Using a question mark as a Boolean checker? The `1.upto 6 do |guesses|` that... that doesn't sound readable. ` puts "What is your guess? You have #{7 - guesses} more guesses."` Like why is "- guesses" in the string replacement brackets? Like it's crazy. And colons and bars everywhere! Yeah let's not do that. Brew and Asciidoc are great but Ruby no!

I'm not happy with Proton Mail! Their bridge app to decrypt messages for third party clients is very much not accessible on windows. The password it generates is not focusable so the screenreader can't read it, so I can't sign in! Which is especially stupid given that their linux app has a commandline interface, but the windows one doesn't. Sent them an email and they were basically like "yeah you're right, it doesn't work, sorry no ETA, but let us know if you have any other problems!" Yeah, no.

writing tip 

having trouble writing your book? Try breaking up big story arcs into chapters, chapters into paragraphs, and paragraphs into sentences made of the words.

Hello, a friend's wheelchair has broken and they're currently raising money for a repair/replacement, any donations would be greatly appreciated


Learned today that gov.uk has taken a public stance against PDFs. Brilliant. More websites, ESPECIALLY government websites, should do the same.

If you put superfoods on a sub sandwich, they cancel each other out

re: FSF (-) 

But before supporting broader organizations I prefer first supporting individual projects. Framasoft is the positive outlier here since it also helps develop useful software.

Some projects that come to mind:

The odilia screen reader, still in early stages
Your fediverse software of choice
Client and server implementations of open chat protocols (XMPP, Matrix, IRC). The Element company is investor-backed (ugh) so I’d de-prioritize the specific implementations they work on.

What these have in common is that in addition to being important projects of their own, they enable a larger platform to be viable. Desktop Linux isn’t viable without much better accessibility than if currently has, and communication networks need a diversity of implementations to stay open.

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So, I have decided to stay home Friday. Almost all the people I work with are too, but because it'll be hot outside that day, like really hot. I'm not going because I'm not going to support ableism, since the waiver form needs to be signed with a mouse. I ain't got time to work around that bullcrap, so I'm going to stay home and probably, knowing me, do actual work lol

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