A coworker said I look more smart/nerdy with my Orcam glasses on. What do y'all think? :)

I don't know if anyone has heard of Uberduck.ai but yeah Spongebob. Text: Even now, I can barely grasp the scope of all this. The events surrounding the end of the world seem even larger than the Final Empire and the people within it. I sense shards of something from long ago, a fractured presence, something spanning the void.
I have delved and searched, and have only been able to come up with a single name: Adonalsium. Who, or what, it was, I do not yet know.

This is what I sound like when I'm excited. Description: Dog-like happy whines and a sort of yip, followed by rapid breathing and a soft growl.

Light space

A home where one can be themselves.