International Accessibility Task Force is an open-to-everyone community of: assistive technology users, open-source developers, and people interested in accessibility and inclusion.

In this community, users and developers work as a team. The assistive technology users can request to code a tool to the developers, and developers might create a workgroup to develop an open-source solution to fulfill the request. internationalaccessibilitytask


> Discord is an accessible, friendly place to chat on the internet.

Discord still bans people for using alternative clients.

> You can send accessibility requests for this webpage to [email protected]

Also there are typos on the Users and Developers pages that make it hard to parse the sentences. (I'd report this to the people running the website, but.)

That aside, this seems like a much-needed project. What scale is it operating on, at the moment?

@wizzwizz4 I have no idea. I can't even get the template right to introduce myself lol

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