@devinprater Very disappointing, but not surprising to hear.

Back at university there was one project where we had to build an app for indoor navigation for blind people using Bluetooth beacons.

While we were there, discussing the scope of the project, one thing was made very clear: "don't bother with Android". Everyone there used iOS except for one or two tech enthusiasts and even those stated that accessibility or Android was way worse.

Over 5 years ago, still same story...

@devinprater some issues are an actual existing thing, for example apps not making use of actions for whatever reason, the samsung watch issues, the ones about google books and them not caring much about accessibility. However, you have to be aware that you tested it with talkback, an inferior screen reader, view it like the win7 narrator, so most of those are talkback specific. Test it more with csr, explore csr and tweek it to your needs, I think you could write a book on android with it.

@bgtlover When CSR gets a braille keyboard and Braille display support, and can describe images, maybe. But for now, it seems more just like TalkBack with more menus. Oh and it can't spell check either.

@devinprater it can describe images, it can perform something called csr camera which kinda replaces google lookout, probably other things. However, spellchecking isn't a function of the screenreader, neither in android nor ios, it's just that the ios keyboard is more integrated with voiceover, but it's the keyboard that does it. About braille, I honestly dk, but I saw a braille section in csr, maybe it was for something else though. Even if csr doesn't have it, you still got brltty

@bgtlover CSR can OCR images, but cannot describe them. And yes, it's the iOS keyboard that *does* the spell checking, but VoiceOver provides great access to that. Neither TalkBack nor CSR can do the same.

@devinprater sometimes, I get image descriptions, actual descriptions, if I do a down, then right on an image, guess that's an extenssion though. O yeah, exttenssions are what will make sure csr stayes above the competition as long as it's being developed and doesn't stay behind android api changes, people can make their own app-specific things be accessible, or script extra functions/macros with app specific gestures, etc.

@bgtlover Yeah, and those extensions require developers to be onboard. Which, I guess you're one, but they're written in Lua. Although, they do have access to Android frameworks, so people could do a *lot* with them, but people aren't lining up like they are with NVDA addons.

@devinprater they aren't because it's android and the api is only documented in chinese, not because lua, lua is quite an easy language actually, I find it awesome for this kind of thing. Also, did you look in the extensions repository? I won't call those few at all

@bgtlover I think I did, but they weren't very impressive to me at that time. Maybe some things to click buttons, to skip ads on Youtube, but that's about all I remember.

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