The more Apple "cracks down" on stuff, the more people will hate them and disregard them. They've just recently cracked down on sites that give out dev beta profiles. Stupid to me. Maybe it was messing up metricks, but I kinda think you'd *want* more metricks if you were a big tech giant.

@devinprater The ad supported companies like google & facebook want more attention.

Apple's profit is from their app store, so they mostly want to kill any way to side load apps.

@alienghic @devinprater AFAIK dev beta profiles have nothing to do with side loading apps.

You don’t need a developer account to sideload. Anyone with a Mac can sideload an ipa.

@alienghic @devinprater ooh i just checked, that’s risen a little and it’s now at 13% “services” do everything, no breakdown of how much of that is apps. the uptick is probably apple+
as always the bulk of apple’s profits are still iphone hardware sales.

@alienghic @devinprater there was a few large scale scams (phishing) that depended on the dev license based side loading - that’s the reason for the crackdown. they believe their hardware sales depends on the quality and reputation of their software.

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