Oh wow, @write_as is even cooler than I thought! People can now subscribe to my blog as an email newsletter! Just go to, put in your email address in the edit field at the bottom, and hit subscribe! You can also download my entire blog as an EPUB, but I can't find where to do that yet. And you can comment, using! So yeah I might just use this alone and just not bother with Medium.

@write_as Oh, so you're not supposed to put a blank line after headings in Hmm, ah well, it shouldn't mess it up too much.

@write_as Okay, so I looked around, and people can download my blog as an EPUB EBook by going to:

@devinprater A blank line after headings should work fine! Did you run into some issues with it?

@write_as No, just when it's shown on a post, there's a blank line between the heading and subsequent paragraph, where there usually isn't on other sites.

@devinprater and I think you can link it with mastodon so that posts get automatically pushed here with an abstract & comments on the toot get mirrored under the Blogpost.

@alienghic @write_as Yeah, you can do this with any blog that's enabled the feature, and tags too but I've not gotten into that yet.

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