Boosts appreciated. For people interested in and , what communication platform do you like most?


@devinprater Introducing FossAbility! This project seeks to gather a community who can work together to make accessibility central to free open source software!

@devinprater can you use something other than source hut, like github?

@jookia @devinprater Might've picked it for a11y reasons; it works in every screenreader combo I tried, including emacspeak + EWW. Gitea still has keyboard traps, among other issues.
@jookia @devinprater Oh. Well, a mirror could work if sourcehut has issues.
@jookia @devinprater Some have ethical/ideological issues with GH, Tor users have to enable JS, and sourcehut seems to have the best a11y of the four.

@Seirdy @devinprater sourcehut a11y is poor at best and run by a dude who doesn't give a shit about a11y

@jookia @devinprater Huh, I haven't used the web interface in a while; that was back when I was trying out edbrowse. I'll take a look later today with orca.

@Seirdy @devinprater it's also a paid service that's only temporarily free, so i hope you're all ready to pay for it

@jookia @devinprater You don't have to pay to contribute to projects, only to create an account.

@Seirdy @devinprater yeah but you have to use email then? or do you always have to use email?

@jookia @devinprater Yeah, you use your existing mail client. I *think* you can create an account for free and then interact online but you can't create repos or use CI unless you pay.
@jookia @devinprater Tbh I just mirror everywhere because no matter what tracker/patch-abstraction people use, I get a message in my inbox. And I can forward any issues to the sourcehut tracker.

The issue is when you want a single place for discussion. For a forum, I think the best bet would be a list or a standalone forum like Discourse.

@Seirdy @devinprater ah. out of all the git frontends, i think sourcehut is basically the only one i can't use because of how inaccessible it is

@jookia @devinprater Might wanna adk Devin for support. Should be trivial to mirror though.
@jookia @devinprater I'd personally be fine with either Gitea or Sourcehut; I don't have to use Gitea's inaccessible editor if I just copy/paste from my $EDITOR or email responses to issue tracker notifications.

@Seirdy @devinprater You can't easily mirror/join things like sourcehut or github. There's issues, pull requests, etc. These are locked in to the services.

@jookia @devinprater Yeah the vendor lock in is the real issue; Gitea is trying to solve this with ActivityPub in the coming years and Sourcehut is solving this with email to bypass the account creation process for contribution.

You can however forward emails to Sourcehut issue trackers and lists, which works well for email notifications.
@jookia @devinprater Yeah that's why I'm hoping Forgefed works out; there doesn't seem to be much interest in making email clients better.
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@jookia @Seirdy Really? It seems okay to me. It's the only one I know of that isn't non-foss but also accessible to screen readers.

@devinprater @Seirdy It's accessible to screen readers but makes that up in difficulty with navigation and using email

@jookia @Seirdy I mean, is there some other open source service that's accessible that works better?

Someon may try out @codeberg !?
I don't know, if It's #a11y. But it's a trustworthy #FOSS Maybe the folks there could help in a11y

@jookia @Seirdy

@JoergSorge @codeberg @jookia @Seirdy It's based on Gitea, which needs a full accessibility investigation just to tell them to fix accessibility issues. So no, I'm not going near that.

Yes, sadly Gitea accessibility is awful, and we currently lack the power to fix this on our side. We can't yet recommend our platform in that regard.
@devinprater @jookia @Seirdy

@codeberg @JoergSorge @devinprater @jookia @Seirdy (I felt like I was missing some background to this and found among others, linking here for the benefit of others who want to read up on more details)

@raboof @codeberg @JoergSorge @jookia @Seirdy Yep, now it's locked to contributors. Too bad. Let them have it, I say. SourceHut works fine for what my project needs it for, and honestly the same thing is on Github too, for now, until we get contributions that diverge it.

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