POSSE post, faux corporate ideology 

One thing I don’t like is faux corporate support for pride month. Think rainbow branding for large organizations that don’t actually do much to improve the systems they benefit from.

A good smoke test to see if rainbow-flag/BLM-repping organizations actually give a shit: test their website’s accessibility. If they ignore disabled users because they’re a minority with different needs, well, that probably speaks volumes regarding their attitudes towards any minority. Actions speak louder than words.

They don’t care about minorities; they’re only in if for the branding. When a soulless organization uses your symbols, it remains soulless.

Soulless organizations don’t have good or evil intent. Bryan Cantrill put this best in his talk Fork Yeah! The Rise and Development of Illumnos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zRN7XLCRhc&t=38m30s (starts at 00:38:30).

POSSE’d from https://seirdy.one/notes/2022/05/29/soulless-pride/


POSSE post, faux corporate ideology 

@Seirdy So would that mean most Linux distros and foss are grouped into that corporate soullessness?

re: POSSE post, faux corporate ideology 

@devinprater Corporate distros with large funding: yeah, probably.

Community distros: the work required to fix the Linux a11y stack is way more than the work required to make a website accessible. If the community distro is intended to be ready for more widespread use and releases applications that don't work at all with other Linux assistive technologies: if it's not from a place of ignorance, and they don't have concrete plans to fix the situation, I'm inclined to think this probably applies.
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