Please boost for visibility: Global Accessibility Awareness day () is on May 19th. I’d like everyone that can to turn off your monitor, or close the laptop lid and connect a keyboard, or close your eyes, and turn on your OS screen reader, and use your computer with it. How does it make you feel? Do you know enough keyboard commands? Does it give you enough info? Does it make you enjoy using the computer? Do you feel productive? Why or why not?

@devinprater @Seirdy I don't think my OS even has a screenreader by default. I'd have to install one.

@Hyolobrika @devinprater Linux uses Orca; Windows uses NVDA (third-party), JAWS (third-party), or Narrator; macOS and iOS use VoiceOver (built-in); Android uses Talkback; ChromeOS uses ChromeVox.

Linux will be getting a better one eventually:

Let’s say that it takes a while to learn it.
I do not use a screenreader in my everydaylife, but blind people learnt me how to use a computer without a mouse (except for drawing), and it is sooo efficient !

@devinprater is emacspeak with mastodon.el cheating? It's not really the OS, technically

@derwinmcgeary The good Doctor Raman doesn’t like Emacspeak to be called a screen reader, since he finds them inferior to Emacspeak but I think it's well within the spirit of what I have in mind. :)

@devinprater I typed that response eyes-free from emacs. First surprise: my computer has an English accent (why no Scottish!?). Second surprise: I'm spoiled by the external keyboard, soooo many typos to correct when using the lappy keyboard

@devinprater @derwinmcgeary There needs to be an entire desktop environment set up like Emacspeak. That software is impeccable.

@josias @derwinmcgeary Oh it has its moments. Try using it with... What's that Reddit client? Md4rd? Something like that. It knows what it knows, but if Emacspeak comes into contact with something it doesn't, it does its best. But some things are just way too visual.

@josias @devinprater @derwinmcgeary What's preventing you from setting up Emacs as a window manager and using it along with Emacspeak?

ignorant accessibility thoughts 

@oklomsy @derwinmcgeary Nothing, and I considered that, but I'm not sure that'll give it with enough context to really be effective. I could be wrong, I haven't tried using EXWM with Emacspeak.

In an ideal environment, everything in the whole system has context that the screenreader could pick up and announce appropriately. I think it needs more information than what the window and widget systems already provide, at least from what I've read from @devinprater.

@oklomsy @josias @derwinmcgeary The fact that Emacs doesn't have a viable web browser for complex web apps, like Salesforce, Gmail, ETC., setting up email in any text interface sucks because you have to remember imap, SMTP, port numbers and addresses, and I shouldn't have to deal with that when GUI programs like Thunderbird just look it up from a database. Oh and Thunderbird is laggy as crap because of all the a11y events generated by all the email rows and the tree view.

@devinprater I wonder about this, on a fairly regular basis.

I'm always astonished at how productive the blind can be, with computers.

Like, if I were blind, I highly doubt that I'd be capable of doing a lot of the things blind people I've interacted with via the internet have done.

Hell, some of them are kicking my ass, now; despite me being blessed with good vision.

@devinprater I don't think I shall try debugging C++ with a #screenreader. Forth might work.

@devinprater , being partially sighted myself, I’m often frustrated by accessibility issues in apps, websites, even the physical world. I think some poeple assume that, if you can see anything, then you can see everything. Poor contrast, poor choices in color, fonts, font sizes, font styling, lack of dark-mode compatibility, lack of pinch-to-zoom support, poor judgement in where information is placed, over-crowding. “But, you can see it, right, so what’s the problem?” Sigh.

@casmithva You know, I admit that sometimes I have that bias too. Thanks for reminding me.

@casmithva @devinprater I wander what you think of the @gnome #libadwaita icons released in #Gnome42
The #contrast is 1.08 against a white background.

Here is a link to the issue

@lil5 @devinprater, I haven’t tried gnome 42 yet. My problem is that I grew up on the command line and still do so much that way. Old habits die hard! But I will get to the upgrade soon.

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