Y'all I have missed Pidgin! Having everything: Facebook, Telegram, IRC, and Matrix all in one chat app, all in one *accessible* chat app, is really great!

*grumble grumble* especially as Element accessibility goes downhill.

@devinprater me too! The main reason I stopped using it though is when the culture switched to people texting asynchronously rather than being all together at the same time ⌛

#Pidgin's lack of message archive management (for :xmpp: #XMPP, but also other platforms) meant the conversation history started getting chaotic and I had to look for something else 😕

@devinprater well, for a start I stopped using Facebook and never got onto Telegram (okay, kinda a bit for a little while) 😅

So my texting is restricted to pure XMPP through #DinoIM, #ConversationsIM, and (very occasionally, more rarely) #Gajim 🗨️

Well not "purely"; I also have #Hangouts (yes, the Google one) for the friends of mine who haven't switched... :loading:

@badrihippo Hmmm, Gadgim? I think Orca has a script for that. I might check it out.

@badrihippo @devinprater The Linux screen reader, primarily for exposed AT-SPI and ATK information.
@badrihippo @devinprater How good your screen reader is depends on how good the accessibility information exposed by a program is. This depends on the toolkit or browser, as well as the program/webpage-semantics. Element has a long way to go wrt screen reader friendliness on Web.


@badrihippo @devinprater Chromium's AT-SPI support is...bad. And I think it's off by default.

Element's semantics are a bit odd; I think it's another victim of the "make everything a component and don't worry about how components are used in context" mentality behind modern web development.
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