I don't think I've I've posted this before, but the below thread linked is a pretty good overview of Linux accessibility from a veriety of people. I use Fedora myself, but I guess Lint Mate edition is great too. I hate that the OP thinks it might be user error. Young people like her shouldn't be locked out from what turns out to sometimes be a fun experience if you can bang a whole in the wall with your head without killing yourself.

@devinprater, as some have pointed out, the problem isn't with screen readers and indeed application developers do have a blame in here. But if you ask me, the problem is in the architecture of the UI stack, and I mean the full stack, not just the widgets toolkit.

The device should not waste precious battery and processing power on drawimg useless things and I'd go as far as saying that graphics cards and screens should be optional.

@devinprater, the graphics card is just a coprocessor, it should be replaced with card containing a coprocessor for accessibility.

Such a card should be programable and provide usefull inputs and outputs, and if this sounds a lot like a GPU, it's because the GPU is just a card that makes the device accesible to most users, but not to all users.

@devinprater, all this is hard and costly to implement on current devices, but not all is lost.

Do you know of any group of people that works on building operating systems or user interface toolkits that are intentionally limited to graphics cards? There is no "graphics" in "user interface", it's a generic terminology.

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