OCR Output (chars: 863) 

ys Me siete tae]

SOM MT lag Mee ase ae pe) me) 141g
ae est OL eh have our own languages
hidden in our carry-on luggage, in our cosmetics Tete
NAM Sema mrs mea aR eS
in foreign countries, to foreign people. It’s hard to
imagine, but English is their real language! Oftentimes
their only language. They don’t have anything to fall
back on or to turn to in moments of doubt... . They
may be understood by anyone at any moment,
Tapa AtL lm CAM) 14g AEA ECL ee CA ete A
write things down in special codes. Wherever they
are, people have unlimited access to them — they are
eiaw at] s) Mem Aa MelMeCUMea ast ce Mere tae aaa
are plans in the works to get them some little
language of their own, one of those dead ones no one

else is using anyway, just so that for once they can
have something just for themselves.

Flights, Olga Tokarczuk

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