OCR Output (chars: 1294) 

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cea few years we have
find The ‘Claing ‘othe
‘American, Mind test.
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‘lan Bom sb eluce
‘Son ampere
{eo Then came Franels
Flay propesying tbe
‘et alo ending
Oy oar eer Put
eLiteraet Unerty at
StBowling lone

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Sm aly at east once year

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‘The pout isha ead
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fering and socinbining the
ihr me Ane
Worreome practice of bow
setting out foregut
Ae old-gebol os ere
etn, pice th worst
tate nin rp in
‘hit pr eet of Aer
Sours®more’ than ent &
Sear Plat wounds ike ot
welling ome, bt is
wn sg 10 et
‘isan ion iw af fstory
‘gat aver happens
‘Ameria wil happen hee
feet coming on ray
fc ony eat sb bow
ing alone at week re
ct ioe thotee ta the
fore you tink about the
more (evidence yu ace
fomlers are everywhere.
"Noman ft andere
of tan Wal, you sty te
Re"Done. bat the way
pyres te be fracturing and
‘splintering Into ou tig

None nh comd os nore pao Wann pe blo, we
away from our fellow citizens, according to the latest American theory. ro

Are we lost
in a world
of our own?

Q vm =

Consereative MP for Buckingham

ciivalgicm een sally os bs

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