So, a few blind Linux users are switching to Fedora. In particular, its Mate spin. That's the distro I like the most, too. People appreciate a simple setup experience, up-to-date packages, and accessibility that's at least no worse than the other options. I mean it's fine to have distros specifically for blind people, but the less maintainers there are, the more probably it is that it'll be left with no one else to work on it when the main dev gives up, or dies, or gets a job.

@devinprater Yesterday I loaded up the Debian Installer and being unfamiliar with it, I saw that it had a TTS mode. I think im gonna try that out.
My eyes are still serving me well but I am curious: what do you guys like to use for your terminal work? Braille displays? TTS? Do you use OCR sometimes too?

@tammiii In a terminal, OCR isn't needed since it's all text, and *should* be no graphics. Braille is slow for me at least, but there are some people that prefer it, but I like using it when I need to really think about information. TTS is good for anything though, well besides games like Nethack. But yeah press s then enter after the beep when loading Debian install media, and the speech should start.

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