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A screen reader for Linux (GUI) is being developed in Rust. If anyone knows Rust and would like to help, or to just view the great work taking shape here, see:

@devinprater Very interested in seeing where this goes.

You might get some attention if you shared it on /r/linux or /r/rust on Reddit.

@devinprater if this will be released as GPL (free software) maybe it can be added to the free software directory @fsf @fsfe

@zleap @devinprater I'm fairly sure that free software directories by @fsf and @fsfe approve of non-GPL software as well. Vim is an example.

@devinprater there's a similarly-named but unrelated project at – just letting you know about the name clash if you didnt already

@devinprater oooooh neat. Think I'll contribute when my current projects are done.

@devinprater a little worried about the name collision with the networking tool but looks exciting

@devinprater If it doesn't, re-submissions every few days are fine.

The sheer repetition will start to raise awareness.

@devinprater Yeah, just make sure we mark places where the dragons be.

@devinprater "here be dragons" is a phrase that was put beyond known regions on the world maps when not all of the earth has been mapped out yet. So I meant "let's just make sure people know which servers are off-limits and potentially dangerous".

@devinprater Oh. I am sorry. Somehow I have replied to your Toot by mistake. It was meant for something else.

Oops. Now two Yggdrasils to keep track of..

@maze Luckily the project is new, so the name can change.


Would like to contribute, but why are you not hosting on @codeberg , so everybody who doesn't want to get fucked by MS is also able to work on such a nice project?

@iculture @codeberg Because first Gitea isn't all that accessible for now, as far as like a few months ago, and because it's not my project but I'm flattered you think so.

@iculture @codeberg Because Microsoft's services are almost all more accessible than FOSS.

@Zergling_man @devinprater github is not an appropriate place whatsoever to develop accessibility software like screen readers. Stop using github.
@devinprater @Zergling_man it's microsoft - microsoft/github is the #1 threat to software freedom, and thus ALL political freedoms and human rights in the world

@jeffcliff @Zergling_man Okay. I agree they could have hosted it on Gitlab or something, and you can definitely contact them. It's early in the software stage so they can still change. Also Github is very accessible for blind programmers, which is what this is being made by.

@devinprater @Zergling_man

> , and you can definitely contact them

Doubtful, since they're on github they probably only exist on platforms that require Microsoft-enabled DRM to access

> Also Github is very accessible for blind programmers, which is what this is being made by.

In your country perhaps.
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